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Student Inquiries

Steam Whistle Student Inquiries

Steam Whistle Brewing has always been open to helping students complete academic projects, using Steam Whistle as a business case study. We receive dozens of requests each week from students, and ask that the information request form be filled out to help us direct your inquiry to the right department, and to see if we'll indeed be able to help. As we are a privately-held company, details of a financial nature and some other aspects of our business may be confidential.

We hope you enjoy learning more about The Good Beer Folks in our quest to make Canada's Premium Pilsner.

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Thanks for your inquiry. You should receive a reply within 2 business days. Your answer might not necessarily be in writing as we may handle your questions through a phone interview. We look forward to talking to you!

A starting point for information

There is an abundance of information available on our website. Please take time to explore the various pages, including these pages of note:

Learn More About Our Beer Learn More About Our Packaging Learn More About Our Founding Story FAQ's Steam Whistle's Green Initiatives Steam Whistle's Awards

Note: Steam Whistle strongly recommends that students come on a brewery tour, in order to get a general overview of our business and perhaps have most questions answered by our tour guides. Tours are offered 7 days a week. If you can't come in person, consider taking a virtual tour.

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