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Celebrate beer.

HOPERA: an evening of local craft beer & song

Join us for this celebration of craft beer and opera. On September 19th, opera singers will entertain guests with a selection of eight operatic arias, duos and trios. Each song will be accompanied by a sample of local craft beer. Pairings will be presented with details on the musical selection and the beer style as well as why they were chosen. Hopera is an intimate event and will provide meaningful insight into both the world of local craft beer and the world of opera...


Here's what members of last year's audience are saying about Hopera: 

“Had so much fun!!! Mirella made everyone feel so welcome and the knowledge she gave us on each beer was amazing. Melanie gave such interesting & fun information. The pieces performed came alive. The performers-wow!! So well done. I had goose bumps in many songs. A great evening of entertainment and then there was beer too! You need to repeat this. Many more fortunate patrons need to hear and enjoy this evening.”-Sue Devereux


“Hopera was an amazing event! It took me back to another time when quality local beer and intimate singing performances were had at the pub. Excellent beer and fantastic singing!”-David Scannell


Event Details

Date: Thursday, September 19, 2013
Event Type: Party
Location: Habits Gastropub
Time: 7pm
Ticket: $36.40