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Beer & Bugs

Beer & Bugs

Hallowe’en is around the corner... let’s sink our teeth into some creepy-crawlies & guzzle some local brew!


Join us for a BEER & BUGS Pairing at the Victory Café on Hallowe'en night. Brought to you by Alimentary Initiatives, co-host of the Future Food Salon in partnership with Beerology

Cookie Martinez and guests will be preparing five different cricket canapés and sweets, each of which will be expertly paired with a craft beer as chosen by Canada’s only Master Cicerone, Mirella Amato.

Your Hosts:

Aruna Antonella Handa - Alimentary Initiatives

Aruna Antonella Handa, PhD, is a philosopher, a cook, a singer and the founder of Alimentary Initiatives, a food culture company. In addition to consulting, Alimentary conducts experiments on food system solutions. Current initiatives include: the Future Food Salons, this series is all about crickets; the Taste Labs, exploring our sense of taste; and the Office Markets, bringing fresh local food markets to workplaces.

Mirella Amato  - Beerology

Specializing in Ontario and Québec brews, Mirella has dedicated herself to helping people discover the art of beer appreciation through guided beer tastings and workshops. She is Canada's only Master Cicerone® and a National Level BJCP judge.  Mirella  is the occasional beer columnist for CBC Radio and will publish her first book in May 2014.


Should there be tickets left on the day of the event, they will be available at the door for $40.


Event Details

Date: Thursday, October 31, 2013
Event Type: Food and Drink
Location: The Victory Café (Toronto)
Time: 7pm
Ticket: $40