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Beer For Boobs Toronto

An event in support of Breast Cancer Research. Nine Female brewers (including our brewer Erica!) collaborate to produce one off beers for charity.

A group of passionate female brewers from Toronto have come together to produce a series of one-off beers for “Beer For Boobs”, an event at Barvolo on March 25th with the proceeds benefiting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

During the hours of 2pm-8pm on that day, every beer on tap at Bar Volo will have been brewed by a female member of Toronto’s brewing industry.

The Granite Brew pub, Amsterdam Brewery, Black Oak Brewery, CheshireValley, and Bar Volo’s House Ales have all generously donated their time, ingredients and pilot systems to collaborate on a special one-off beer to be served only at this event.

Further more the 9 females, representing Mill St, Black Oak, Steam Whistle, Amsterdam, Burger Bar, and the Granite, have all come together to collaborate on one special beer to be featured at the event.

Our brewer, Erica Graholm will be participating in the event. Erica previously worked at Amsterdam and Magnotta Brewing. She attended the prestigious Versuchs-und Lehranstalt fur Brauerei (VLB) in Berlin, Germany where she studied to become a certified brewer.

Truly a one of a kind event, and one of a kind beers, as nothing like this has ever been done in the Canadian beer scene before. Other local breweries, as well as businesses, who do not have access to or own a pilot system, but still believe in this great cause have donated prizes to be raffled off.

This is a ticketed event, and is $20 dollars at the door. All of the cost of the door, as well as the cost of the kegs and the raffle prizes is being donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The event will be catered by Alli’s Fresh Baked. The Beer For Boobs Name is being used in affiliation with, and under permission from, a non profit group of the same name based out of San Diego, California.

This is inaugural event of what will become a series of events known as “Beer for Boobs T.O.”

Event Details

Date: Sunday, March 25, 2012
Event Type: Food and Drink
Location: Bar Volo 9587 Yonge st, Toronto ON)
Time: 2pm-8pm
Ticket: $20 at the door