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Beer Battered Apple Fritters with Cider Syrup adn Rhubarb Whipped Cream

Created by Marc Breton, Executive Chef at The Gladstone Hote...

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Date and Nut Beer Cake

Adapted from Chef Gerry Crewe's Cooking with Beer; Favou...

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Getting Figgy With It

Recipe created by Chef Ellen McKinney, Good Beer Folk and co...

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Poached Pears with Rasp-Beery-Y Sauce

This divine dessert was tested by Steam Whistle's Ellen McKi...

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Steam Whistle Banana Muffins

Created by Alyssa from KICK The KD.Wh...

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Steam Whistle Beer Cup Cakes

Adapted from Chef Gerry Crewe's Cooking with Beer; Fa...

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Steam Whistle Granita

Chef Tanya Skeates of The Manx Pub, Ottawa, serves up Steam ...

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Steam Whistle Ice Cream

Recipe was submitted by Ryan Phillips and Starr Wilson, from...

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Steam Whistle Loaf Cake

Created by Executive Chef, Chris Klugman, of Summerhill Mark...

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Steam Whistle Poached Peach with a Goat Cheese and Vanilla Cream

This recipe was submitted by Melanie Levac, a student a the ...

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