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A.C.E: Artery Clogger Exceptionale

Beer & Burger Challenge June 2012 ...

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Barbeque Steak Steam Whistle

This is a fast and delicious, creole-inspired recipe for ...

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Beef In Beer

Joyce Byrne's version of Beef In Beer. ...

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Beer Baby Back Ribs

Created by Tony Tomei, the Chef at Cousin's Market, Mississa...

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Beer Beef Stew

Submitted to us by Steam Whistle supporter, Susan Boyle. ...

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Beer-Brined Grilled Veal Chops

Cooking Program for Men - By Peter Graben...

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Beth A. James Burger

College: Liaison Vaughan Campus Student Name: Bet...

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Blue Suede B-B-Shoe Sauce

We think The King would be delighted to dig in to some ribs ...

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Blue Whistle Sliders

College: Liaison Hamilton Student Name: Shari Huf...

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Brew Master's Leg of Lamb

Harald Sowade, Steam Whistle's illustrious first Brew Master...

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Brewers Pork Shoulders with Pilsner Poached Apples

This recipe was submitted by Shawn Smith, a student at the K...

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Caboose Chili

Created by resident cowboy, Brad Goddard, Steam Whistle's re...

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"I started cooking when I was about 14, largely because I ha...

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Carbonnade a la Flammande with Steam Whistle Pilsner

This recipe was created by David Zilber, the head sausage an...

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Cheesy-Chili Steam Whistling Goodness

By Marc Surette and Phil Richards, from Liaison College, Bra...

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Chicken and 'Shrooms and Beer, Oh My!

Here's an easy dish that will delight your taste buds. Serve...

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Chili con Carne with Steam Whistle Beer

This recipe was submitted by Greg Gordon, from Liaison Colle...

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Christmas Tree Chicken

From the kitchen of Ellen McKinney, one of Steam Whistle's G...

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Coq au Steam Whistle Pilsner

Submitted by Dustin Galick & Dan Bureau&...

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Cowpoke Stew

A delicious and hearty stew prepared with Steam Whistle Pils...

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Cran-Beery Meatballs

Tested at the Craft Beer Celebration at the Royal York in To...

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Dave Allen's Best Beer Chili Ever

This recipe was the Silver Medal Winner ...

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Decoction Marinade

Use this great marinade for any barbequed meats. (Steam Whis...

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Created By: Vanessa Ospina ...

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Dezignated Dressing

In a sauce pan, add a bit of olive oil and roast the onio...

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