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Pilsner Pulled Pork Sandwiches

This recipe was submitted by Chris Collins, a student at the...

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Pilsner Veal Cutlets

This recipe was submitted by Chris Collins, a student at the...

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Pork Loin with Steam Whistle Cranberry Apple Stuffing

Created by Liz White of Liaison College, Toronto. Dir...

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Pork Skewers With Steam Whistle and Spices

Created by Tony Tomei, the Chef at Cousin's Market, Mississa...

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Pork tenderloin with apple and onion cider reduction

Submitted by Lana Chevrier and Kristin Delaquis as p...

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Portuguese-style Shrimp & Rice with Steam Whistle

Created by Josanna Meilhac-Lavigne, an aspiring Chef at Liai...

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Potato Salad with Steam Whistle Dressing

Created by Kishroy Hunting, budding chef from Liaison Colleg...

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President's Party Pork

Our president, Cam Heaps, has been known to host many a pig ...

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Pulled Pickled Pig

Directions: For about a 6-8 lb. ...

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Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Steam Whistle BBQ Sauce

Prepared by Team Cedar Grilling, the 2006 Canadian Open BBQ ...

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Romantic Roundhouse Risotto

The saffron \"Roundhouse Risotto\" was hit at beer festiv...

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Roundhouse Risotto

This risotto is a crowd pleaser. The trick to making creamy ...

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Screamin' and Steaming Pork and Chicken

This recipe was submitted by Michelle Krasovec, from Liaison...

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Smoke-O-Motive BBQ Sauce

Chris, one of our marketing gurus requested a smokey BBQ sau...

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Smokey Joe's Charcoal Burgers with Beery Onions

Old Black Joe, a past CPR worker in the Roundhouse is said t...

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Steak and Shitake Salad with Beersamic Vinaigrette

Created by Ellen McKinney, actress and Good Beer Folk. ...

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Steam Whistle Baked Beans

Steve Adams Team Cedar Grilling  Dir...

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Steam Whistle Beer Brine Ribs

Created by Chef Kyle Churcher from Ottawa's famed Aubrey's m...

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Steam Whistle Beer Can Chicken

This recipe is courtesy of our partners and 3-time Canadian ...

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Steam Whistle Braised Beef on Mashed Potatoes

Submitted by Mike Garth and his Mom.  -...

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Steam Whistle Braised Chicken Thighs

Thanks to Andrea May for submitting this recipe to us!...

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