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Cheese Fondue

Fondue by Christpher Bacon.

You need a cheese fondue kit (ceramic is the best).


-grate the cheese and mix all of it with flour (about a quarter of a cup, maybe a little more)

-rub the inside of the ceramic pot with the garlic that you just cut in half

-boil the beer in the ceramic pot

-when the beer is boiling (more like barely boiling otherwise it\'ll go over the top), start adding the grated cheese a little at a time to let it the time to melt

-from that point never stop agitating it slowly until you start to eat.

-add nutmeg somewhere at midpoint



You can use other things than bread to eat it, like vegetables, sausage (those dried ones are actually amazing), raisins or even smoked salmon.



-1cup of Steam Whistle

-2 1inch cubes of blue cheese 

-250/300g of swiss emmantal (or jarlsberg)

-250/300g of gruyere 

-a pinch of nutmeg