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Steam Whistle - Do One Thing Really, Really Well

Betty - 1968 Chevy Pick Up

Betty - 1968 Chevy Pick Up

When Brad Goddard opened Steam Whistle's western office in 2005 he made the move across Canada in this 1968 Chevy pick up. By the end of the drive he'd named her Betty for her good company on the road. This vintage pick up was a labour of love for Paul Speirs, who has restored most of our vintage fleet. Paul had rebuilt this truck for himself and hadn't spared any resource in her making. Betty handles Alberta's terrain and unpredictable weather for Brad as he covers the province on his beer quest from Lethbridge to Edmonton and Banff to Medicine Hat. Brad loves the "one man parade" that Betty makes, receiving friendly waves and horn blasts from admiring Albertans.

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