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Cam Heaps - Steam Whistle Brewing Co-Founder

Cam Heaps

Cam Heaps began working in the craft brewing industry at aged 14, spending numerous summers at the Upper Canada Brewing Company, a company founded by his father Frank Heaps. At Wilfrid Laurier University he studied business and philosophy, and then worked at Upper Canada fulltime after graduation until 1996 when he left to consult with his father on an overseas brewing project in Kyrgyzstan, a former republic of USSR. He later interned at General Electric in Moscow as a Market Analyst while completing a Russian Studies program with the University of Arizona, followed by a year on a business start-up in Toronto. In 1999 he joined Greg Taylor and Greg Cromwell to write the business plan for Steam Whistle Brewing and successfully raised $4 million in shareholder equity and start-up capital. In his role as co-founder of Steam Whistle Brewing, Cam has been a vocal, proactive advocate for industry issues, helping to found the Ontario Craft Brewers Association, a provincial lobby group, and acted as its Chair for a term. Cam enjoys working collaboratively with Greg and all staff on Marketing Initiatives. Cam\'s watchful eye attends to all matters of finance and manufacturing at the brewery as well as industry and government relations, ensuring a very smartly run operation.

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