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Steam Whistle - Do One Thing Really, Really Well

Cam Heaps - Steam Whistle Brewing Co-Founder

Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor worked for ten years in the micro-brewing industry in Ontario before co-founding Steam Whistle Brewing. After studying Economics at the University of Toronto and holding Sales positions in the media and technology industries, he worked at The Upper Canada Brewing Company for eight years where he held successive positions as Sales Manager, Director of Sales and finally Vice President, Sales. He left there in 1998 and established Nelson Cash Systems, an Automated Banking Machine (ABM) company taking advantage of the newly relaxed Bank Act providing \'white label\' ABM machines to his contacts in the hospitality industry. In 1999 with Cam Heaps and Greg Cromwell, he developed the Steam Whistle Business plan. Taylor, with Heaps, leads the creative collaboration Steam Whistle is known for, resulting in the brewery\'s many original marketing propositions. Greg\'s touch at human relations has helped to form the company\'s unique culture and to lead their winning sales team.

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