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Our Beer

Overbuilt Quality

Although the most important aspect of any brewery is what’s in their bottle, Steam Whistle is equally proud of its unique packaging. Our distinctive green glass bottle is based on vintage beer bottles from the 40's & 50's. Decorated with a painted label, our bottle has a non-twist top and is custom-made with 30% more glass than any other beer bottle on the market which means it is built to last for 35 uses. The graphics on our carton pay homage to the simplicity of brand marketing from that golden era, with an open invitation to "Meet Me at The Roundhouse" for a tour of the brewery.

Ontario Home Consumer Prices – including bottle/can/keg deposits & all taxes

BOTTLES - 341ml each
6 pack - $14.25
12 pack - $26.65
24 pack - $49.60

CANS - 473ml each
Single Can - $3.05
6 pack - $16.85
24 Pack - $65.95

CANS - 355ml each
6 Pack - $14.50
12 Pack - $27.65
24 Pack - $51.95

20 litre Keg - $135.95 including $20 keg deposit
30 litre Keg - $201.95 including $50 keg deposit
50 litre Keg - $292.95 including $50 keg deposit

*In all other provinces, prices are set by those provinces' government and private retailers.

Steam Whistle's Packaging
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