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Our Engineering Team

Plugs and Wires

Gord, our Automation and Electricial Manager, and Sergei, our Plant Engineer make up Steam Whistle Brewing's Engineering Team. These gentlemen bring years of Engineering training and excellence to Steam Whistle, and are responsible for the proper installation, functioning and maintenance of the machinery and equipment at our brewery. From plugs and lights, right to the programming of our machines, Gord is responsible for all the electrical work at Steam Whistle. Sergei not only oversees all the Preventative Maintenance projects at our brewery, he played an instrumental role in the invention and installation of "Robot Bob", our robotic case packager that uses bubbled air to gently place full bottles of Steam Whistle into 24s, suitcase 12 packs, and 6 packs. With the implementation of an Electricity Capacitor and the careful monitoring of functions such as our GLYCOL system, Gord and Sergei have become Environmental Stewards, helping us to reduce the amount of energy required to brew Canada's Premium Pilsner.

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