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Our Sales Team

Our Sales Team

The members of the Steam Whistle Brewing sales team combine over 100 years of experience working in the brewing industry - that's a lot of sweet-talking, joke-telling, beer flogging hours. The best job in the universe, they think, and they're great at it! They are (from left to right): Richard Armstrong (Toronto Downtown and Kingston), Adam Welch (Toronto Downtown and Waterfront), Paul Ruttan (Eastern Ontario), Mike Garth (Western Canada-Alberta), Brian Haynes (Northern Ontario), Peter Iannuzziello (Toronto Central), Sheri Moore (Retail Sales), Maureen Doyle (The Golden Horseshoe and Toronto), Tamara Crist (Retail Sales), Dave Inglis (Ottawa Regional Manager), Doug Cameron(Southwestern Ontario), and Jonathan Sherman (GTA West to Owen Sound).

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