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Steam Whistle - Do One Thing Really, Really Well

We have these good people to thank for their masterful contributions to Retro Electro:

VEVA (Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association)

The first thing Mike Kiraly did was educate himself on electric vehicle technology available to BC residents by joining VEVA, This group of enthusiasts had successfully lobbied to change the BC building code and have a City of Vancouver bylaw passed which legislated Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations be included in all new housing and condo developments. This organization helped to galvanize public and government support for electric vehicles.

Vern Bethel, False Creek Automotive

Vern Bethel, a lower-mainland maestro of classic car restoration, was the first empassioned car guy enlisted by Kiraly. Vern, best known for owning/restoring the 1939 Buick "Royal Tour of Canada" car for their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth during their visit to North America. Vern made several key introductions to other automotive experts.

Joe Mizsak

A gifted mechanic and rare car restorer who helped University of British Columbia's Alternative Fuels Lab build the first natural-gas powered vehicle in BC, was the main specialist working on RETRO ELECTRO. Joe relinquished his garage for many months, and provided exceptional ingenuity in restoring and retrofitting this classic pickup truck into a modern electric vehicle.

Trevor Stoker

The lead engineer at Azure Dynamics supplier of Retro Electro's motor and controller,shared his astounding knowledge of electronics and vehicle engineering. Kiraly had gone to university with Trevor, so called upon this friend before even launching into the project.

Lloyd Wagner

Known for kick-ass custom hot-rods was enlisted for bodywork and paint. Working out of a shop in New Westminster BC, Lloyd put hours of sanding and painting, resulting in a near perfect paint job.

Electric Autosports Inc.

Getting this custom electric hotrod running called for the talent of Greg Murray of Electric Autosports, known for his expertise in EV conversions. Alongside Greg was Robert Shaw, an early member of VEVA, and an Electrical Engineer who has helped with safety features of Retro Electro including the precharge circuit and isolating contactors.

Randy Holmquist

From Vancouver Island's Canadian Electric Vehicles, a huge BC supplier of electric vehicle conversion parts, helped with gauges and measurement interfaces.

Colin Bayne

IWE Rear Ends Only helped build a limited slip differential with low gearing.

Stefanie Goodrick

Sign Me Up Designs provided the final touch by exquisitely hand lettering Retro Electro, retro style! Stefanie went to school to study hand painting, a rare art form these days, requiring a steady hand and an artistic flair.

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