Year: 2013

the roundhouse

Steam Whistle Winter Farmers Market

We are ecstatic to announce that we will be hosting our first ever Winter Farmers’ Market!

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steam whistle bottle & pint

Steam Whistle Pilsner’s Nutritional Label (And How It Compares)

Beer and alcohol companies are not obligated to provide nutritional information about their products. But here at Steam Whistle we’re not afraid of sharing the facts.

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bike sign

New Public Bike Station At The Roundhouse

Just outside our front doors at Steam Whistle Brewing, we have installed a public bike maintenance station for the city’s cycling community.

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draught beer golf bag

A Custom Draught Beer Golf Bag

How Steam Whistle co-founder Camp Heaps turned his golf bag into a full draught unit in 7 easy steps.

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steam whistle bottle & pint

What Most Bars Don’t Want You To Know

We recently partnered with Steve from who provided us with some important knowledge about the quality of draught beer delivered to you at restaurants and bars.

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draught fridge with steam whistle

How To Set Up Your Own Draught Fridge

A home keg refrigerator is a necessity for a beer lover who takes his golden nectar seriously.

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bailey from steam whistle

Why We Use Our Own Employees In Our Advertising

We always use our own employees in our promo pieces and our “beer girl” Bailey, is no different!

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brewmaster marek

Interview With Our Brewmaster Marek

Steam Whistle’s brewmaster Marek talks craft vs commercial beers, European vs Canadian beers, and the art of brewing the perfect pilsner.

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