Year: 2015

steam whistle grocery store loblaws

Steam Whistle Now Available In Ontario Grocery Stores

December 15th was a momentous day in Ontario for beer retailing, with Loblaw Companies’ supermarkets being the first out of the gate to sell beer alongside other grocery items.

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owners cam & greg

Steam Whistle Brewing Ownership Announcement


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steam whistle taps keg

5 Steps For Planning A Perfect Halloween Party

1. Create your invitation  Use Facebook’s event feature to create your event. Be sure to let people know basic details: Are they are welcome to bring friends? Is it BYOB? Are your guests expected to bring a food item? If you are purchasing a keg or cases of beer for the party let people know to bring […]

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the roundhouse

Day Trip To Steam Whistle Brewing

Come for a brewery tour & stay for Toronto’s best tourist attractions! Here are some of Toronto’s best sights to see.

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steam whistle party

10 Steps To Planning A Great Office Party

Become the workplace hero by learning how to organize your own Beer-O’clock with our handy how-to guide.

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milk jug

Where To Get Steam Whistle Milk Jugs

Steam Whistle milk jugs are back for a limited time and here’s where you can get them. Get yours before they are gone!

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steam whistle bottle & pint

The Craft Beer Movement in Canada

Beer has played an important role in Canada’s economic development and it is with pride that we stand alongside our craft brewing brethren creating jobs and variety for beer lovers.

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engagement 2016

Working At Steam Whistle Brewing

When building their brewery, co-founders, Greg and Cam wanted Steam Whistle to be a place that visitors and staff alike would look forward to coming.

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steam whistle boot

How To Drink From A Steam Whistle Boot

Steam Whistle Das Boots are available for a limited time in select promo packs at the LCBO and in our online store!

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the roundhouse

Women Of Steam Whistle Brewing

In celebration of International Women’s Day we’re sharing just a few of the women who are helping our craft brewery become Canada’s Pilsner.

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