Year: 2016

engagement 2016

Project Engagement & Steam Whistle Brewing

PROJECT ENGAGEMENT provides food hampers for food insecure families in Toronto

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beer grocery store

Beer In Ontario Grocery Stores: 1 Year Later

This week we’re celebrating 1 year of beer in Ontario grocery stores!

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wall mounted bottle opener

Steam Whistle’s Most Popular Gift Item

Our Wall Mounted Opener is one of our best selling merchandise items. It’s innovative and user friendly design has made it a popular companion in the man caves and lady lairs of beer lovers everywhere.

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steam whistle wedding

Where Does All The Leftover Catering Food Go?

Did you know that 3.3 million tonnes of food waste from hotels, restaurants, bars and events goes into landfill sites every year?

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alberta beer tax

Saskatchewan Takes Leadership With New Craft Beer Tax

Steam Whistle Brewing co-founder Greg Taylor applauds the Saskatchewan government and responds.

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steam whistle bicycle

4 Tips For All-Season Cycling

For Steam Whistle, cycling is the chain to our heart, the spoke to our wheel, the 2nd seat to our tandem – you get our drift.

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malting trip

Our Canada Malting Field Trip

This August I had the pleasure of attending Canada Malting’s 2016 Course along with 40+ other brewing professionals from across North America.

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steam whistle water tower

Brewing Education In Ontario

Brewing beer for a living sounds like quite possibly the coolest job in the world, but before you dive headfirst into that beautiful golden pool of beer, let me show you what you’re in for.

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steam whistle staff

How To Tip The Good Beer Folk

You may not know—especially if you who haven’t gotten around to taking the brewery tour—just how much work goes into creating that beer you love so much.

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bottle cap dress

Steam Whistle Bottle Cap Wedding Dress

We were thrilled to learn that a bride from Alberta was building her dream wedding dress out of our Steam Whistle bottle caps.

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