Month: April 2017


Steam Whistle Milk Jugs At Buffalo Wild Wings

This summer you can find our Steam Whistle Milk Jugs at all Buffalo Wild Wings locations from May 15 – July 2nd.

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lawn summer night

8 Fun Facts About Lawn Summer Nights

Lawn Summer Nights has evolved from one event in 2009 (in Vancouver) to 16 events across the country this year while raising over $2,000,000 along the way.

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steam whistle

Steam Whistle Named A Must-See In Toronto

Steam Whistle Brewing was praised as the perfect place to unwind with a world-renowned pilsner after a long day of sightseeing.

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samara shuter

Interview with artist Samara Shuter

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Samara Shuter, the artist behind the Bleeding Blue collection and ask her a few questions about her art work.

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steam whistle tall cans

Steam Whistle Tall Can Size Change

When something is good, more is better! That’s our thinking anyway which is why we make a 473mL tall cans for times when you need a little bit more.

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