turkey dinner

3 Ways To Use Beer In Your Thanksgiving Feast

The bite of our Pilsner’s Czech hops refreshes your palate and will keep everyone at the table coming back for seconds and thirds… and fourths.

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Beyond beer pairing we’ve put together 3 ways you can incorporate beer into your Thanksgiving Feast.


Serving Pilsner with your Turkey dinner is an often overlooked pairing. Our malt forward sweetness makes for a perfect intensity match for just about everything (except for the cranberry sauce) on the Thanksgiving table.

Beer is actually a delicious way to baste your bird, keeping it moist and flavorful. Simply add beer, melted butter and herbs and get basting.


Shepherd's pie

Get your potatoes drunk – or try your hand at these Beer & Cheese Loaded Mashed Potatoes.

Apple Pie

Homemade Organic Apple Pie Dessert

Advanced bakers (you know, the type that makes their own pie crust) can try this beer and cheddar pie crust recipe. For a simpler approach incorporate beer into your pie filling by adding a 1⁄2 cup of beer along with sugar, spices and thickener (flour, cornstarch or tapioca) to the cooked apples for one 8-inch pie. The addition of the extra liquids might require you to pre-cook the pie a little longer than usual to get the right texture but the addition of the beer also imparts a malt forward biscuit-finish that adds a layer of complexity to your Grandma’s pie recipe.

Happy Thanksgiving!