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8 Fun Facts About Lawn Summer Nights

Lawn Summer Nights has evolved from one event in 2009 (in Vancouver) to 16 events across the country this year while raising over $2,000,000 along the way.

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We reached out to their team to see if they could share some fun facts about what makes this philanthropic event such a great party too.

  1. There are over 1500 participants on the greens each night
  2. Age ranges from 19 (minimum) to volunteers who are retirees, and often in their 70s or 80s
  3. They’ve had 5 marriages between people who met at LSN (including one between a committee member and former Steam Whistle helper!)
  4. There have been 2 LSN babies (born to parents who met at LSN)
  5. They’ve seen a wide variety of fundraising ideas, from two friends who sang covers on YouTube, to a team that designed an FUCF necklace, to a participant who ate grass for donations!
  6. Last year LSN was supported by over 3000 donors
  7. LSN 2016 was made possible by a team of over 100 volunteers across the country
  8. Teams get creative with their names. Some favourities are: Beyonce Bowls, Fruit Bowls, Bowl Movements, and The Lawnnisters


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There’s still time to get your team together but registration fills up quickly. For more information on Lawn Summer Nights 2017 visit their website.