backyard bbq

What Is Canada’s National Dish?

We wanted to share with you the top 5 most suggested answers to the question: “What is Canada’s National Dish?”

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beer can chicken

Five Ways To Use Beer When You Barbecue

Grilling and beer is like peanut butter and chocolate, they’re each good separately, but together they’re pure magic.

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retro openers

Make Your Own Retro Opener Display

Last month, one of our supporters, Chuck Skuce, made us this beautiful board to display the Retro Openers that we include inside specially marked cases every summer.

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steam whistle cheers

Celebrate Father’s Day With Steam whistle

Here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas for any dad that enjoys a nice, cold beer!

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queen victoria with beer

May 2-4: The Holiday That Kicks Off Outdoor Drinking Season

Victoria Day is celebrated on May 24th in Canada and the long weekend is a usual kickoff to the outdoor drinking season.

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steam whistle bottle & pint

The 500th Anniversary Of The Bavarian Purity Law

Here’s a birthday party worth raising a beer for!

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beer can chicken

Steam Whistle Beer Can Chicken

ChefD has prepared meals for the likes of the late BB King, Stuart McLean, Blue Rodeo, and Michael Buble. He graciously shared his best beer can chicken recipe below with our followers.

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valentines chocolates

5 Tasty Dessert And Beer Pairings

Move over wine and chocolate there’s a new power couple in town!

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steam whistle grocery store loblaws

Steam Whistle Now Available In Ontario Grocery Stores

December 15th was a momentous day in Ontario for beer retailing, with Loblaw Companies’ supermarkets being the first out of the gate to sell beer alongside other grocery items.

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steam whistle taps keg

5 Steps For Planning A Perfect Halloween Party

1. Create your invitation  Use Facebook’s event feature to create your event. Be sure to let people know basic details: Are they are welcome to bring friends? Is it BYOB? Are your guests expected to bring a food item? If you are purchasing a keg or cases of beer for the party let people know to bring […]

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