On International Colour Day, Steam Whistle Brewing salutes the colour green!

Memories shared by Greg Taylor, Co-founder & CEO “In 1998, when we began to write the Steam Whistle business plan and imagine our Pilsner brand, many beers available in Canada were sold in brown bottles within red, white, and blue cartons. We wanted to stand out from the rest.  So, our first decision was to […]

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Steam Whistle Supports Ukraine

Taras Hetmanczuk, Chief Operating Officer and a proud Ukrainian-Canadian, organizes the brewery’s support effort.

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Raise a Glass To Women in The Industry

From Master Blenders to Head Brewers, women are making an impact in the world of wine, beer and spirits. On International Women’s Day, the LCBO put these trailblazers in the spotlight to celebrate their talents. One of these women, included Steam Whistle’s Brewmaster, Erica McOustra.

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Shareholders Vote Yes To A Merger of Beau’s Brewery with Steam Whistle

VANKLEEK HILL, ON, February 28, 2022 – The shareholders of Beau’s Brewing Co. have overwhelmingly voted yes to accept an offer for share purchase from fellow independent craft brewery Steam Whistle.

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7 Steps On How To Survive The Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival

Our best tips for surviving Steam Whistle’s Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Fest, from what to wear, eat and how to pace yourself!

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Steam Whistle Brewing & Beau's Brewing Co. Alliance

Steam Whistle Brewing & Beau’s Brewing Co. Join Forces in New Alliance

Steam Whistle Brewing and Beau’s Brewing Co. announce an alliance that will see the two craft brewing leaders join forces to sell and distribute their pooled portfolios in Ontario.

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Steam Whistle launches Craft Beer Crate – Roundhouse Craft Beer Fest Edition

An alternative to the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival, the “Build Your Own Adventure. The Craft Beer Crate offers beer lovers the opportunity to curate their own at-home experience.

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Steam Whistle's 2021 Retro Bottle Opener

Steam Whistle’s 2021 Retro Bottle Opener

Available for a limited time in 6-packs of Steam Whistle. Get our 2021 retro bottle opener – a replica of our legendary green bottle.

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Meet Liam Moat from Nickel Brook Brewing, Curator of Craft Beer Crate Vol. 6.

We’re excited to have Liam Moat from Nickel Brook curate the Biergärten Craft Beer Crate Vol.6

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Steam Whistle Brewing and Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. Are Joining Forces

Two of Craft Beer’s pioneering leaders team up for greater national growth.

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