draught beer golf bag

A Custom Draught Beer Golf Bag

How Steam Whistle co-founder Camp Heaps turned his golf bag into a full draught unit in 7 easy steps.

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bailey from steam whistle

Why We Use Our Own Employees In Our Advertising

We always use our own employees in our promo pieces and our “beer girl” Bailey, is no different!

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brewmaster marek

Interview With Our Brewmaster Marek

Steam Whistle’s brewmaster Marek talks craft vs commercial beers, European vs Canadian beers, and the art of brewing the perfect pilsner.

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steam whistle bottle & pint

Q&A With A Steam Whistle Beer Sales Rep

Being a beer rep is a job that is often thought to be a glamorous lifestyle of eating out and drinking while getting paid for it but in reality, it’s not all fun and games.

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