draught beer golf bag

A Custom Draught Beer Golf Bag

How Steam Whistle co-founder Camp Heaps turned his golf bag into a full draught unit in 7 easy steps.

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Brewery Co-founder Cam Heaps was invited to a charity golf tournament recently and not wanting to go thirsty or be inhospitable to the golfers around him, decided to take on a weekend project of building a fully functioning and portable draught unit disguised as a golf bag.


1) Start with a decent sized golf bag. This TNT display unit was particularly oversized, perfect to hold a keg & coil unit with a 5lb. CO2 tank tucked into the ball bag.


2) Create a fiberglass sleeve to slide inside the golf bag which will contain the ice for cooling the keg, coils and all.



3) Next stand 8 broomstick handles outside of the fiberglass sleeve to make holes where your golf clubs will eventually rest. Put the draught dispense tubing (pictured in red above) into place to later hook up to the keg. Then surround the fiberglass sleeve with high density foam insulation that provides structure but also will help to chill the beer (Eskimo Cooler style!). Apply fiberglass to the bottom of the bag above the foam.


4) Safety first friends! Notice Cam is wearing a respiratory protection mask, gloves and proper footwear for this procedure. And working in a well-ventilated area is also a good idea.


5) This step is optional but you may wish to add a custom paintjob and graphics to your draught unit golf bag. Cam’s favourite colour is Grabber green and you can appreciate his skill in masking out areas of the bag where he wanted to retain the original leather.


6) Discretely add the draught spout to the exterior of your bag. Load your clubs, an umbrella and a towel to heighten the illusion of ‘business as usual’.


7) Hit the links, and suddenly FORE becomes POUR with this amazing golf bag draught unit!