Good Beer Folk: Lindsey Cassel

Learn more about our Partnership Manager, Lindsey Cassel.

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How long have you been a part of the Steam Whistle/GBF family?

9 years! I started in our retail store in July of 2010!

What is your position at Steam Whistle? Can you describe your role?  

My role of Partnership Manager is to support community events of all shapes and sizes. From local art shows and charitable events to the RBC Canadian Open and of course, the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival.

You’re one of the creative minds behind our two Roundhouse Craft Beer Festivals. What’s your favourite part about these events?

Well, the beers obviously. But seriously, I get a huge thrill out of bringing Ontario’s best craft brewers together and ensuring they don’t only get to show off their beers but also have a great time as well. Ensuring that your vendors have a good time, is crucial to ensuring your patrons have a good time as well.

What can people expect this summer at Roundhouse Craft Beer Fest compared to year’s past?

TOP GUN! This year we are working with Toronto Outdoor Picture Show to hold our first “Craft Beer Fest and Movie” and we are showing the 80’s epic flick, Top Gun! So bust out your cut offs, put on your aviators and come on down for the Brew + View.

What’s your favourite part of either the Summer or Winter Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival?

I think I said it already but…the beers! Our team has a lot of fun planning these events every year, so it’s great brainstorming new ideas and seeing some of those awesome ideas become mainstays year over years. Oh, and firing off the t-shirt gun is pretty fun too!

If you had to choose, what would be your favourite aspect about working at Steam Whistle?

Working at a brewery is obviously fun, but our office is great! It’s very open concept and we do a great job of sharing our ideas and helping each other develop them. Sometimes they turn into really great initiatives, some become hilarious inside jokes and somehow some become both. An example would be the Pails of Pale Ale that we thought of for the Pale Ale Launch Party!

What’s a Steam Whistle initiative that means a lot to you?

I’m a bit bias, but I love our grassroots initiatives and sponsorship program. The fact that our brewery genuinely looks to support as many charities and arts initiatives as we can is testament to how great of a place Steam Whistle is and it makes me proud to be a Good Beer Folk.

Is it true when people say the Steam Whistle culture is contagious?

Oh, yeah! It’s a pretty darn friendly place.  So much so that my friends and family outside of the brewery have made friends here. It’s awesome! 

Where is your favourite place to enjoy a Steam Whistle?

I’m a big skier and I always keep a couple in my bag for my friends and I when we take a break on the hill. #mountainbeer

What is one word you would use to describe your work experience with Steam Whistle?


Sounds of Steam Whistle Spotify

  1. What song gets you on the dance floor? Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend
  2. What song reminds you of your youth? Choclair – Rubbin’
  3. What’s a song that was played at your first concert? Green Day – When I Come Around
  4. What’s your favourite cover? Dan Henig – Get Low **look it up!**
  5. A guilty pleasure song? Kelly Clarkson – Since You’ve Been Gone
  6. It’s Friday night, your friends are over getting ready to go out, what’s your pre-game song? DRAM ft. Lil Yachty – Broccoli
  7. Go-to karaoke song? Eddie Money – Take Me Home Tonight  
  8. What song is on highest rotation for you right now? Anything by Cupcakke
  9. What would be the intro music for the movie adaption of your life story? Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone **not true, but I gotta do it!**