Good Beer Folk: Tim Mclaughlin

Learn more about VP of Marketing, Tim Mclaughlin.

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January 13, 2020

How long have you been a part of the Steam Whistle/GBF family?

I have been at Steam Whistle for about 15 and a half years.

What is your position at Steam Whistle?

VP of Marketing

Can you describe your role?

Helping our company become and remain the leading craft brewery in Canada.

What’s your favourite part about leading your team and marketing for Steam Whistle Craft Beer Company?

First off, I truly believe we have a world-class beer here at Steam Whistle. When you believe in a product it’s easy to come in every day and market it. We also have a fun and dynamic team and we handle almost all aspects of marketing in-house. This closeness to the work allows us to truly understand our brand and have the ability to be nimble and creative. We have built an outstanding marketing department here and the best part of my job is seeing people developing new skills and solve problems to become successful in their respective areas.

If you had to choose, what would be your favourite aspect of working at Steam Whistle?

Apart from the beer…. it would be the fact that when you work hard and pour yourself in the business you really get to see tangible results. It feels like your work has an impact and makes a difference for the company.

What can people expect for Steam Whistle in 2020?

More new and exciting things. We are continuing to expand our family of great craft beers. People can expect a new full-time Steam Whistle beer this spring, it will be easy drinking and refreshing like all the beers that carry the Steam Whistle name

What is a Steam Whistle initiative that means a lot to you?

There are a lot of them, but I would say our partnership with The Gord Downie & Channie Wenjack Fund. In the month of February, 50% of our draught profits are donated to the Fund. So, anytime someone purchases a pint of Steam Whistle in February they are supporting the legacy of Gord Downie and his telling of Channie Wenjacks Story. It’s really all about creating a more inclusive Canada that build relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians.

Is it true when people say the Steam Whistle culture is contagious?

The Good Beer Folks are a community of passionate people that collaborate to brew beers of the highest quality that are made for celebration. If that isn’t contagious I don’t know what is.

Where is your favourite place to enjoy a Steam Whistle?

At the Red Pinto Tailgate in the Hammer Lot at New Era Field on a Buffalo Bills gameday.

What is one word you would use to describe your work experience with Steam Whistle?


Sounds of Steam Whistle Spotify Playlist

  1. What song gets you on the dance floor? Regulate – Warren G and Nate Dogg
  2. What song reminds you of your youth? Twist My Arm – The Tragically Hip
  3. What’s a song that was played at your first concert? Money for Nothing – Dire Straits
  4. What’s your favourite cover?  More of an adaptation than a cover, the Bills Shout Song sung by 71,000 strong every time the Bills Score Points at home. Originally it was Shout by the Isley Brothers.
  5. A guilty pleasure? Anything by Foreigner
  6. It’s Friday night, your friends are over getting ready to go out, what’s your pre-game song? Saturday Night – Yukon Blonde
  7. Go-to karaoke song? Gangsters Paradise – Coolio
  8. What song is on highest rotation for you right now? After a few – Travis Denning
  9. What would be the intro music for the movie adaption of your life story? Eminence Front – The Who