Monthly Blog Profile – Hemingway’s!

Hemingway’s is an iconic restaurant, bar and patio located in the heart of Yorkville in downtown Toronto.

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February 14, 2018

Going on their 38th year as a well known Toronto institution, they bring a unique atmosphere to the Yorkville area with welcoming and friendly staff, good eats, and premium beer on tap. To find out more about why Hemingway’s should be on the top of your list, please read the Q & A we had with Hemingway’s manager Josh.





How long has Hemingway’s been open for?

Josh: This year we’ll celebrate our 38th anniversary

How would you describe Hemingway’s and the experience you provide?

Josh: Hemingway’s is different than any other bar in Yorkville. We’re unique because we are open to anyone and everyone and provide a very welcoming experience right when you come through the door. We’re known for our affordable pricing, yet quality made dishes. At Hemingway’s you can have a great meal and a pint and it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg, but you’re still having a memorable experience. We have all age groups come in to Hemingway’s and are accessible to everyone.

What’s your top selling menu item?

Josh: Our shareable platters have always been a hit. Our share plates include options such as nachos and chicken fingers. These aren’t the healthiest option but they make for a great after work snack.

How long has Steam Whistle been sold in your bar/restaurant for?

Josh: 14 years!

What on your menu would you say pairs exceptionally well with Steam Whistle Pilsner?

Josh: Our Fish n’ Chips pair very well with a cold Steam Whistle. It’s a staple.

What are the owners of Hemingway’s backgrounds and you (the manager’s)?

Josh: Our owners (Martin & Daimin) were born and raised in New Zealand and moved over to Canada. Martin was the first owner of Hemingway’s and Daimin was a long time and frequent customer who always loved it and formed a great bond with Martin. They obviously had a lot in common both being from New Zealand. They eventually formed a business relationship and are now co-owners. I’m from Australia, moved to Canada around 5 years ago and started (like Daimin) becoming a frequent customer at Hemingways. I instantly loved this place when I first started coming by.

What are your favourite object(s) in Hemingway’s?

Josh: Martin (our owner) brings stuff from New Zealand to showcase memorabilia from sporting events. He loves going to world cup rugby and bring back memorabilia to keep in the bar. Hemingway’s is like a museum of this collection. It would be hard to choose a favourite!

What type of crowd do you tend to have at your restaurant / bar?

Josh: All types. That’s what’s so great about Hemingway’s. You get everything from suiters / after work crowd, younger crowds on industry nights, and families. Hemingway’s is open until 2 am every night of the week (including our kitchen) which people love. Friday night were popular for our live music.

Most memorable guest?

Josh: Kiefer Sutherland. He’s a regular. We get a number of famous people coming in here, especially during busy weekends such as TIFF – Hemingway’s is a great place for them to grab a bite and not feel under the radar. To add to this… Steam Whistle’s director of marketing Tim McLaughlin happened to sit next to Pervez Musharraf (past president of Pakistan) at Hemingway’s. Be sure to keep an eye out the next time you stop by this famous institution!