How to Host the Best Season Opener Party

Throw a party fit for the 100th American Football season without having to break the bank. All you need is a little time to prepare and advice from us party pros.

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Prime your pints, pals and pigskins, friends, cause the 2019 American Football season opener is on September 5th, with Chicago hosting Green Bay at Soldier Field.  To celebrate this 100th season of football greatness, we’re going to help you put together the ultimate party. You don’t need a ton of time or money to throw the sports party of the year; you just need a little time to prepare and, of course, guidance from some party pros. 

We’ve been hosting parties for decades, and season openers are among our favourites. There’s the unsullied hope; the chance for a team to be reborn–and this charged expectation is electric, which makes for solid party energy.

So keep reading. Here are the ideas that will take your season opener party from average to amazing.

1. Feast Fairly

While many guests will absolutely eat up the traditional sports bar fare, lifestyle choices and dietary restrictions mean that you should widen your spread to include some meat-less and wheat-less options too. For a meatless option, try our Steam Whistle Cheese Bread–always a hit!  Or try these plant-based and wheat-free vegan double chocolate cookies. Or vegetarian layered bean dip. Or black bean and spinach taquitos

You get the idea. Your season opener party fare doesn’t have to deprive your tastebuds or guests of delicious food. By all means, bring on the wings and cheeseburger bites, but also whip up a couple of these tasty alt-options, for good measure, and good manners.

2. Drink Easy

While there’s nothing wrong with having people bring their own booze, a good host will always provide all guests with a tipple or two. Stock a cooler with some Steam Whistle, or try one of our other beautiful beers like Fat Tire and Von Bugle. Better yet, save yourself some prep time and have us deliver our brew to you. By cans, bottles or kegs, we’ve got you covered.

If your crowd is adventurous, you can even try signature cocktail, like a Cucumber Pils. All you need is some sugar, lime juice, cucumber and a premium pilsner.

Also, be sure to have non-alcoholic options like water or sparkling water, soda or iced tea or coffee. The point is, your job as the host is not only to accommodate but to foresee the needs and reasonable desires of every guest. And, while we’re on the topic of drinks and needs, make sure you have a safe ride home or accommodations for guests who are imbibing. Load up on taxi chits or have designated driver on hand. Make up the spare room. Do what you’ve gotta do to take care of your people.

3. The RIGHT Decor

Okay, we know there are plenty cheesy football party decorations at your local dollar store, but what really matters most to your guests is that your house is tidy enough to feel welcoming and that everyone can all sit, eat and drink comfortably. Your primary decorating considerations should be rearranging furniture to ensure your space is game-day ready for your friends and family. Save your money and spare the already brimming landfills more disposable decor. 

So, feeling ready to host the best season opener party? Of course you are. You’ve got a head full of ideas and a heart full of hope for the season ahead. We’ll raise a glass to that!