samara shuter

Interview with artist Samara Shuter

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Samara Shuter, the artist behind the Bleeding Blue collection and ask her a few questions about her art work.

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Her collection is available for viewing in our Retail Store during regular brewery hours until April 30th 2017.


Image by Renée Rodenkirchen (Web: // Insta: @reneerodenkirchen

How do you find your sources of inspiration?

I draw inspiration from so many places. My family’s background is in the textile industry, so I’ve always been surrounded by swatches of fabric, and been drawn to the colours and patterns. I used to doodle on napkins after seeing someone walk by, or noticing a look on television. Now I shoot my own content.

Can you give us a glimpse into what your creative process looks like?

I usually start by finding a pose or movement that I find intriguing in some way. From there, a lot of experimentation both digitally and in the studio gives me an idea of the background environments. My process involves a lot of trial and error.


What is it about a suit or uniform that inspires you artistically?

I am attracted to the architecture and line work in the design of suits and uniforms, but I also find that it is a complex and interesting place from which to explore different artistic modes (colour, form, pattern, etc) and themes (power and societal pressure, etc). I’ve been reaching into other subjects, like the leather jackets for example, but am always attracted to iconic items that imply a powerful presence and intriguing persona.

Why do you prefer working in large scale?

Since I’m interested in conveying powerful, iconic images, I’ve never been satisfied with working small. As I develop my work, the canvases keep getting larger and larger… I’ve got some pieces in mind for the next few months that are larger than I’ve ever worked before.


Image by Renée Rodenkirchen (Web: // Insta: @reneerodenkirchen

What is your favourite piece in the Bleeding Blue collection?

It’s hard for me to choose. I’m really one of those people who will half start a handful of canvases at a time, and work on them all at once. So they’re all pretty connected to me, and all my favourite until I’ve completed the next one!

You can check out more of Samara’s work here