Last Minute Halloween Party Tips

We have you covered this Halloween whether it be for costume inspiration or decoration ideas. Embrace your inner child and have a spooky Halloween this year

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October 28, 2019

‘Tis the season to celebrate the spooktacular! Even though we all know Halloween is coming like clockwork every year, all to often our jam-packed schedules get in the way and, like the proverbial scare scene in our favourite horror film, the day jumps out at us. 

This year, don’t sweat it. Even if you find yourself looking for that last minute Halloween costume or scrounging through storage for battered and broken Halloween decorations, we’ve got you covered with these simple Halloween hacks.

Keep reading. DIY Halloween costumes, party tips, easy decor ideas lurk within!

DIY Halloween Costumes

The best kind of last minute Halloween costumes are the ones you can make yourself. They require no effort or sprints to the dollar store. Everything you need for these costumes you can likely find at home. 

Smartie Pants

Dig into your Trick or Treater candy stash for this one. All you need is a pair of pants, some hot glue or double sided tape and some Smarties. Attached the candy to your pants via the tape or glue and presto! Instant DIY Halloween costume. 

Top off this nerdy-look with a pair of glasses and some books. 

Men in Black

Here’s a great couples or group Halloween costume. Black suits, black ties, some black shades and some friends: that’s all you need to complete this last minute Halloween costume. 

Ceiling Fan 

Here’s another super cool pun-inspired costume. Grab a marker and a shirt you don’t mind writing on, a pom-pom (a clean mop head will do) and a piece of paper or board for a sign. On the shirt, write “GO CEILING!” On the paper, write something like “CEILING #1!”. Then, wave for your pom poms and spend the night rooting for your fave household fixture. 

50 Shades of Grey

Score some grey colour swatches from the local hardware store and affix them to your shirt. Voila! You’re 50 Shades of Grey.

Chick/Dude Magnet

Got a kid with some Barbie or Ken dolls kicking around? Duct tape those suckers to your outfit to the night and just like that, you’re a chick/dude magnet. 


If you’ve really left getting Halloween decorations until the last minute and don’t have time to pop to the store to pick up some basics, heed this sage advice: lean on lighting. 

You don’t need ornate, gorey decor: true fear lies in the unknown, so leaving people a little in the dark works wonders to give a spooky vibe, without a ton of effort. 

Just dim the lights and light a few candles. If you have some empty mason jars and paint hanging around, you can paint the outside of the jars a blood red or eerie green, put a tealight (candle or battery powered) in there, and lend some more Halloween ambience to your party. 

Other easy decor ideas:

Write something unnerving (REDRUM, anyone?) in red lipstick on a bathroom mirror–or any mirror your guests will see.

Put on a soundtrack of spooky noises. You can easily play one straight from Youtube. Or, you can use our Spooky Halloween Playlist for some terrifically terrifying tunes. 

Party Checklist

Bring in your jack-o’-lantern. You don’t have to leave ol’ Jack outside. Bring him in  and light him up for your party. 

Finally, let’s get to your Halloween party checklist. Here are the must-have foods and accoutrements for your spooky shindig.

  • BOOzy Bevvies.  Obvi. This is first on our list. Swing by the LCBO to grab some cool, refreshing Steam Whistle, or, you can arrange to have us bring it to your door

Also, have some non-beer alternatives. Ciders, wine, and perhaps even a simple signature cocktail, like a Bloody Mary.

  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks. Not everyone drinks or will be drinking the night of your party. Have water readily available, at the very least. Tea/coffee/and a non-alcoholic punch can also go a long way to impress your guests.

  • CANDY! Just because you don’t wear Spiderman underoos anymore doesn’t mean you don’t have a sweet tooth. In the spirit of the season, have a big bowl of candy for your guests.

  • Finger Food. People in potentially laborious costumes with accessories galore likely won’t want to have to balance utensils to eat their food. This makes finger foods the best. Your party fare can be as simple as pizza and chips with a veggie tray thrown in for good measure.

  • A Safe Way Home. Whether it’s subway tokens, taxi chits or a designated party DD, it’s your responsibility to make sure your guests get home safely. Of course, you can also offer the spare room or a couch the crash on. The point is, if someone has been drinking, they shouldn’t be driving. 

One of the best things about Halloween is that it is a holiday that invites you to embrace your inner child. This means that preparing for a Halloween party doesn’t have to be involved. Often, it’s the simple Halloween costumes, the classic junk foods and old-school scares that make the holiday hauntingly unforgettable. 

Happy Halloween, from all of us at Steam Whistle!