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Marek’s Legacy

After a decade of leading brewing at Steam Whistle, our Master Brewer, Marek made a heartfelt announcement that later this summer, he and his family will return to their beloved homeland, the Czech Republic.

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Marek’s accomplishments have been considerable: he led his team to a gold medal win at the Canadian Brewing Awards, 5 golds at the Ontario Brewing Awards and countless other accolades for our single brand, but his greatest contribution has been in helping us to brew a Pilsner that Canadians are proud of and is now available coast to coast across this great country.

We had begun to make the video below months ago, not knowing that Marek would be leaving, but it’s a fitting tribute to this man’s credentials and lifelong passion for Pilsner.  Marek’s work has been part of the vision set out by Cam & Greg at the brewery’s founding: crafting a beer with only the best ingredients, adhering to traditional methods, investing in state-of-the-art equipment and building a culture that cherishes coming to work each day to DO ONE THING REALLY, REALLY WELL.

Over the next few months, Marek will assist us in finding his successor, someone with equal pedigree having been trained in the European Pilsner brewing tradition. After 10 years of brewing Canada’s Pilsner, Marek will pass the torch to our new Master Brewer. Marek will be welcomed back periodically as a trusted advisor, always part of the Steam Whistle story and forever a Good Beer Folk.

Marek’s letter: “Not Farewell, rather, See you later”

Hello Good Beer Folks,

I am writing you today to let you know that I have made the decision to resign from my very privileged position here at Steam Whistle. This was not an easy decision to make, however, it eventually came down to a point that I feel I needed to rearrange my life.   While my time in Canada the past 15 years has been rewarding, my wife and I are homesick for our birth country and we will be returning to the Czech Republic.

It has been a bit more than a decade since I was introduced by Cam and Greg to this super unique brewing culture. Coming from Pilsner brewing culture myself I can only comment how very special Steam Whistle Brewing is.  My professional skills has been enriched here by our focus on our Pilsner’s quality, its impact on the company’s performance, bracing for peak season demands, strategic planning for future growth, maintaining our existing state of the art technology, outsourcing of a new equipment, successfully managing projects, … I can go forever on this side.  All this wouldn’t be possible without all of your dedication in our efforts to achieve the highest standards of quality.  As much as I enjoyed my time in production area I’m so thankful for the time I could spend interacting with all of you Good Beer Folks, either on my daily work basis, or after work socializing, partying, relaxing, and the other times we simply had a beer together.

 I consider my relationship with SWB as a long term friendship, so that is why I chose the email subject “Not Farewell, rather, See you later”.

 I dedicated myself to craft brewing and making Pilsner in my new country, Canada.  I believe that together we achieved the point when what we have done here cannot be reproduced anywhere else, because of the outstanding combination of you – Good Beer Folks, technology and extraordinary passion.  I believe you can cruise now successfully towards your bright future guided by my successor. That is why I am in touch with my colleagues in my home country and around the globe, helping to search for the future Steam Whistle Master Brewer. 

 I already know I will miss you all the moment I will walk out of the brewery on my last day.

Thank you all for the greatest ride of my life!!!



We wish Marek all the best in the next chapter of his journey back to his home country and thank him for the hard work and dedication that he’s put into brewing Canada’s Pilsner. We also look forward to visiting him in the Czech Republic on our 5 year trip to the original Oktoberfest and the birthplace of Pilsner.

Today we raise a glass to a very special man.