steam whistle tasting

Steam Whistle Taste Test

As part of our diligent Quality Assurance at Steam Whistle, our lab techs Colin, Annabel and Trish have been running an internal taste panel for the past 14 years.

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steam whistle bottle & pint

Where You Can Drink Steam Whistle In P.E.I

A big thanks to everyone at the 2016 PEI Beer Festival September 2nd and 3rd that voted for Steam Whistle as the best brewery and runner up for best beer!

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steam whistle water tower

Brewing Education In Ontario

Brewing beer for a living sounds like quite possibly the coolest job in the world, but before you dive headfirst into that beautiful golden pool of beer, let me show you what you’re in for.

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steam whistle staff

How To Tip The Good Beer Folk

You may not know—especially if you who haven’t gotten around to taking the brewery tour—just how much work goes into creating that beer you love so much.

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bottle cap dress

Steam Whistle Bottle Cap Wedding Dress

We were thrilled to learn that a bride from Alberta was building her dream wedding dress out of our Steam Whistle bottle caps.

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backyard bbq

What Is Canada’s National Dish?

We wanted to share with you the top 5 most suggested answers to the question: “What is Canada’s National Dish?”

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beer can chicken

Five Ways To Use Beer When You Barbecue

Grilling and beer is like peanut butter and chocolate, they’re each good separately, but together they’re pure magic.

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steam whistle bottle & pint

Smoke & Mirrors Through Taxes & Beers

Steam Whistle Brewing, a leader of Canadian craft beer, continues to take a stand to support a healthy craft beer industry across our entire country.

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retro openers

Make Your Own Retro Opener Display

Last month, one of our supporters, Chuck Skuce, made us this beautiful board to display the Retro Openers that we include inside specially marked cases every summer.

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beauford the dog

Beauford’s Bucket List

Beauford is a very special golden retriever, he’s a  6 year old retired therapy dog.

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