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Q&A With A Steam Whistle Beer Sales Rep

Being a beer rep is a job that is often thought to be a glamorous lifestyle of eating out and drinking while getting paid for it but in reality, it’s not all fun and games.

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Last week, we posted the following question on our Facebook and Twitter:

If you could ask a Steam Whistle beer sales rep anything, what would it be?

To answer your questions, meet Brendan – Steam Whistle Sales Rep.

Brendan is a University of Western Ontario graduate who is a full time beer sales rep and part time musician of a well known local band Nights & Weekends. Starting out at Steam Whistle working in retail & events to support his night gig of playing in a band, Brendan proved himself to be a natural and was quickly promoted to a Steam Whistle sales rep who lives the brand every minute of the day.

Read on folks….

Brendan: Being a beer drinker. Fortunately the two are very closely related.

Brendan: It’s awesome as a rep to know that we’re supported by Steam Whistle’s Team Clean. When a customer decides to include our beer in their selection, we do our best to take ownership of that draught line to ensure our beer is always at its best. God bless Team Clean.

Brendan: Our focus is, and always will be, solely committed to our pilsner. But when you hang out in as many bars as we do, questions about “the next Steam Whistle style” are inevitable. The best part about this question is that it almost always comes from someone who’s already a Steam Whistle drinker so I’m happy to be asked by every single person I see.

Brendan: The great thing about Steam Whistle is that there are so many different avenues from which people become part of our family – sales is just one of the departments. Everyone’s story is different.

I moved to Toronto 5 years ago and fortunately lived right up the street from Steam Whistle (one of my fav’s even before I worked here…no joke). It wasn’t long before I was giving brewery tours and working events to support a nightlife playing in a band. In time, I was able to learn about Steam Whistle as a brand, the culture of the brewery, and the place we continue to carve out for ourselves in the Canadian beer market. After a while, I was fortunate enough to have my excitement for Steam Whistle turn into an opportunity in sales. And until they fire me for one day drinking more beer than I’m selling, I’m pumped to be doing my part.

A foot in the door is simply a starting point from which you can earn (or drink) your way into a role best suited for you. No matter what company you may choose. (Though I will admit a strong bias for the craft beer industry).

Brendan: Ah yes, how does one drink beer all the time while maintaining a midsection that’s a little more six-pack and a little less party keg.

I love beer and I drink it all the time. While I’m certainly not the pinnacle of health, I do try and keep a few things in mind.

Firstly, beer isn’t as bad for us as myth would have it. It’s packed full of vitamins and minerals that our body can use. (I included some info below that you may find interesting). Second, the assortment of deep-fried deliciousness I inevitably pair with my beer has a lot to with the notches I occasionally add to my belt than the beer itself.

The solution? Have beer alone as a meal more often.

Here’s a little additional info that always helps add some fuel to my beer-drinking justification:

  • Steam Whistle bottle: 150 calories (13g carbs)
  • Vodka and cranberry:172 calories,  (18g carbs)
  • Daiquiri: 314 calories, (49g carbs)

Brendan: Well there’s 52 Friday’s in a year, 52 Saturday’s, most Thursday nights in the summer, throw in a couple Sunday Fundays, add the fact that there are 162 Blue Jays games a year (always calls for a Steam Whistle at my place), periodic beer dinner presentations, a couple days a month spent enjoying beer with staff members from our licensees…..carry the one….umm….I lost count. Sorry.

Brendan: It sure is a lot of fun. But like any job, it’s not without challenges. There are hundreds of beer brands available in Canada, and they’re all competing for a limited number of draught taps or cooler space that may or may not be available in a particular establishment. So creating and maintaining new relationships in a way that is both authentic and sustainable can seem taxing at times. Fortunately, I can walk in with confidence in Steam Whistle as a quality craft beer as well as an innovative, fun, community-minded brand. It may not always be the easiest job, but in my opinion it’s the best.

…and our staff parties are a serious added bonus.

Brendan: Speaking as a self-proclaimed beer groupie, we’re a very pleasant bunch. I love beer and I drink it a lot. And, I’ve long operated under a simple code. The simple act of opening and drinking a beer, of any variety, is one of the beautiful things in life. Do it often. If that beer is made locally, independently and with the care of a craft brewer, do it more often.

Now, if you’re asking more about stories from the trade, I’m a firm believer that those are best shared in person over a beer. So, Doug Lounsbury, I suggest you send an e-mail to Marina and she’ll put us in touch. I’d be happy to meet you at the brewery, buy you a beer, and share a few tales.

Thanks for drinking Steam Whistle.