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Your Sled Island Survival Guide

We’ve put together a list of what to bring to Sled Island and a survival guide of ways that you can best prepare yourself for Music Fest Success.

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With Western Canada’s largest music and arts festival only a month away, we’re counting down the minutes until Sled Island takes over Calgary.

Comfortable Footwear

When you’re standing at shows for hours on end and walking to different venues, practical footwear is your best friend. Shoes that offer arch and ankle support like Birkenstocks or Converse High Tops will keep you dancing comfortably until the morning hours.


A Portable Battery Pack

Posting Instagram stories and snap chatting your friends will drain your battery fast. If you want to be able to snap and share as much Sled Island goodness and still have enough juice to send a 2:00 am “U up ?” text throw an extra battery pack in your bag and keep it fully charged all week.

dead phone

A Bike

A bike is the best way to dart around from venue to venue. Make sure to ride responsibly and securely lock up your bike if you’re enjoying a couple of brews. If you need a tune up (or some air) on the go, roll by one of our public bike repair stations.


Find our bike repair stations at:

Braggcreek at Calgary Cycle & Creekers Bistro.
20 White Ave, Bragg Creek

Home & Away Calgary Kitchen
1331 17th Ave SW, Calgary

A Plan

With 250+ acts there will be moments when you need to make some “Sophie’s Choice” level decisions between the bands you want to see and the bands you NEED to see. Our recommendation is to figure out who the headliners you want to catch (and give a listen to the Sled Island Spotify playlist to discover those you might have never heard of). Make a schedule using Sled Island’s handy schedule builder, one that isn’t overly ambitious and try to catch multiple acts in the same area rather than jumping from venue to venue across town.


Sustenance and Refueling

If you’re hitting up Sled with a group of friends, chances are not everyone will want to see the same shows. Develop a game plan to take in some of Calgary’s culinary delights as you recon with your pals. Blue Star Diner offers a modern spin on a classic diner fare featuring breakfast, burgers & seasonal cocktails. If you’re looking for a quick bite Tubby Dog is open late (It’s also a Sled Island venue) they serve up hot dogs, tacos and burgers until 11 p.m. on weeknights and 4:00 p.m. on weekends.


An Awesome Attitude

Sled Island is a choose-your-own adventure type of festival. The type of experience you have is directly connected to the type of mindset you go in with. Unlike other music fests Sled Island offers the opportunity to sleep in a real bed, get some rest and freshen up to be ready to do it all over again in the morning. What’s not to love about Sled Island?