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Inside A Steam Whistle Super Fan Man Cave

We asked Chris Davis to take us through his Steam Whistle collection.

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One of our favorite breweriana collector’s hails from Peterborough and has his very own bar “Where Paradise is only a drink away”.

“Breweriana commonly refers to any article containing a brewery name or brand name, usually in connection to collecting them as a hobby. Examples include beer cans, beer bottlebottle opener, beer labels, tin signscoasters, beer traysbeer tap, wooden cases and neon signs.”

1. How long have you been collecting Steam Whistle memorabilia for?

I’ve been collecting Steam Whistle memorabilia since 2009. The openers sparked my interest, not to mention seeing your Signs and Chalkboards in pubs.


2. What was your first item?

My first item was a 12 0z Milkshake glass. Turns out the glass is now a rare glass.


 3. What is your most prized item in your collection?

My most prized item would have to be the ” GolfBag ”  It’s absolutely awesome and took many years to actually add it to the collection.


4. What do you have your sights on next?

I’ve always Go my eyes open for older stuff and “Blue items ” But if I had to pick, next thing I have my sights on it would be  Gold Opener, Green Indie Guitar and Stand Up retro cooler


5. What made you want to start collecting Steam Whistle memorabilia?

When I first discovered the delicious nectar that is Steam Whistle, I was super pumped to find out that it’s Proudly Canadian and naturally brewed in the same city I was born in. Two thumbs up.

I also happen to absolutely love the Logo/Colour combo, so it only made complete sense to myself to collect this fantastic and unique memorabilia and proudly display Steam Whistle in my man cave. So one item after another I’ve build an amazing collection I’m very proud of and stands displayed at the DAVIS BAR.

Cheers Chris!