steam whistle tall cans

Tall Can 6 Packs Now Available In Ontario

Just in time for spring, our golden Pilsner is now available in 6 pack x Tall Cans (500ml cans) across Ontario and in select Grocers and The Beer Store locations.

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“Nothing’s better than sitting back and cracking open a refreshing tall boy after a hard day’s work,” says Cam Heaps, co-founder of Steam Whistle Brewing. “We’ve had singles and 24’s of our large cans available for years, but the launch of the new 6 pack format means a convenient carton is available in time for summer”.

Our custom can carrier is designed with portability in mind. Inspired by our existing 355ml suitcase 6 packs, each pack features a sturdy handle and end panels adding to the stability of the pack. More good news for those with discerning palettes, our bright green aluminum cans help preserve freshness too. Cans help reduce the risk of oxidation which can cause beer to go stale prematurely. They also protect the beer from becoming light-struck which can cause a skunky taste and smell.

“Steam Whistle’s 6 pack Tall Cans are easy to bring along to your next cottage getaway, golf trip, patio hangout or camping adventure,” says Greg Taylor, co-founder of Steam Whistle Brewing. “One thing’s for sure, with this tall can 6 pack you’ll always be invited back,”.

Pick one up for your next spring adventure today!