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Thanksgiving Dinner Beer Pairings & Recipes

You’ll be thankful that you discovered this perfect Thanksgiving dinner beer pairing! And shake up the holiday traditional with these beer infused recipes.

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Bust out the track pants and bring on the feast! The biggest eating weekend of the year is upon us, and for those of us with the thrills for the pilsners, there’s no better way to celebrate than with exciting new Thanksgiving beer pairings and beer recipes. These dynamic duos are where taste and texture unite to deliver the ultimate gustatory experience. Get ready to drink up and eat your fill: your Thanksgiving menu is about to get a whole lot more delicious.

Tasting Notes

Steam Whistle’s super light-tasting beer is the perfect Thanksgiving refresher; the hops keep the beer light, so that you’ve still got room to feast on, hardcore. But of course, we can’t forget the apps! Warm up your palate for dinner with a few appe-teasers that pair perfectly with your Steam Whistle pilsner for a balanced, delicious taste. We find the blend of bitters and caramelized barley creates a hint of sweetness that pairs well with Thanksgiving recipes like salads, seafood, and savoury fare. Incorporate these tasting notes into your pre-dinner spread with a shrimp cocktail ring, a Caesar salad with bites of lobster, or a great cheese board. These lighter foods make it easy to still gobble down on some turkey dinner, while making the beer go down even smoother.

Why Choose a Pilsner?

Thanksgiving dinner is all about simple, home-cooked food made with the best natural ingredients, and so is Steam Whistle. We pride ourselves on crafting beer made with just four, all-natural ingredients that we have no shame about listing on our labels. We favour tradition, which pairs perfectly with the spirit of Thanksgiving, and so should your Thanksgiving beer pairings. This year, stock up the beer fridge for your family with a fantastic pilsner that goes down easy; the Steam Whistle pilsner is refreshing and light, which is much more suited to a day of heavy eating than an ale or stout. Plus, its subtle flavours never overwhelm your palate or clash with the Thanksgiving dinner foods, like a flavoured beer or a sweeter malt might.

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Thanksgiving Recipes

We might be slightly biased, but we can’t help but think that Thanksgiving recipes can only be improved by adding beer. Aside from the “been there, done that” beer can chicken, there are tons of options for cooking with beer, and Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect time to do it. Delicious beer, delicious food, what more could you want?

Some of our favourite tried and true recipes are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner and make your Thanksgiving beer pairings even better.

Steam Whistle Stuffing

Read the full recipe here.

Start the day off right by prepping your turkey with the stuffing to end all stuffings; the Steam Whistle Turkey Stuffing is incredibly rich but fluffy for a savoury side dish that even the pickiest eater will devour. And while it’s not included in the instructions, help yourself to a bottle of Steam Whistle pilsner during the prep—trust us, it makes the stuffing turn out even better.

Steam Whistle Bread Rolls

Read the full recipe here.

Ditch boring old rolls and opt for Steam Whistle Bread instead. This decadent bread is full of savoury delights like cheddar, onion and basil for pull-apart bread that will disappear before the turkey even makes its way around the table.

Steam Whistle Battered Apple Fritters

Read the full recipe here.

For dessert, these Beer Battered Apple Fritters put even your mom’s pumpkin pie to shame (and yes, we know those are fighting words).


Thanksgiving might happen every year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shake up the menu with fresh Thanksgiving beer pairings and food that even Grandma will love. Pop open a pilsner this Thanksgiving for a refreshing, light taste that celebrates tradition, history, and natural ingredients.

And hey, if family time gets to be too much, just remember: the Steam Whistle brewery is open every day of the year, because beer never asks too many questions, or makes you do dishes.