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The Best Bars in Downtown Toronto (UPDATED 2019)

We have you covered with our list of the best bars in downtown Toronto. Whatever the occasion or your taste The 6 has a bar for you.

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October 31, 2018

The 6 has bar life like no other. What would you expect from a city that’s home to one of the most vibrant multicultural populations on the planet (not to mention the best pilsner)? Toronto pubs aren’t hard to find, but if you’re looking for the best bars in Toronto, you’ll likely need a little guidance. As *ahem* experts on our hometown’s schmoozing and boozing turf, we can give you the guidance you need. Whether you’re a long time T.O resident looking for a fresh new place to sample the fermented fruits of this fair city, or are new to the area and need some solid recommendations, we can point you in the right direction.

Read on. Here are the best bars in Toronto.

The Roundhouse

What to drink: A frosty glass of Steam Whistle!

What to eat: Try a fresh baked, deliciously doughy pretzel.

Located  in the heart of downtown Toronto, the Roundhouse bar lets you fill up on cool brews, happy hour eats and a whole lot of history — most notably, Toronto’s rich railway heritage. It’s also the home of Steam Whistle brewery. Come on by, have a pint, enjoy some grub, and take a tour of our facility. We’ll fill you in on the story of our beer as well the history of Toronto’s railway district.

BIG NEWS! Check out Steam Whistle’s new Biergarten!

steam whistle party

The Craft Beer Market

What to drink: Tap into the Daily Feature — it’s always a solid pick!

What to eat: Shrimp Tacos

Boasting Canada’s largest selection of craft beer, the Craft Beer Market brings fresh local eats together with incredible beer from craft breweries. If you’re serious about your beer, then you’ve gotta drink here. The ambiance of this Toronto bar is warm and inviting. More than stepping into a pub, you feel like you’re stepping into a like-minded, gustatorially impassioned community. Swing on down to Adelaide Street and sample a wee sip or three.



What to drink: Hemy’s Margarita (Tequila, Triple Sec, fresh lime juice, shaken on the rocks)

What to eat: HFC (Hemingway’s Fried Chicken)

Hemingway’s brings a little bit of New Zealand to the T-dot in the form of this classic Toronto pub. This is where you should go when you want to tune into to the game and hardcore chill for hours on end.  Hemingway’s has almost innumerable screens, three bars, four patios, 24 beers on tap and nightly events, ranging from trivia nights to live music. Oh, and there’s a pretty solid kids menu too, so you don’t have to worry if you’re touring Toronto with your bairn in tow.


What to drink: Motel Sarsaparilla (tequila, root beer, creme de menthe & Wild Turkey)

What to eat: No food available, but it’s in a great neighbourhood for a quick bite

If you’re looking for a truly neat little Toronto bar with some notable, pared down personality (and a pianist!) check out Motel. Diming lit, cosy and chill, this bar is a rad throwback to the classic cool of the 1990’s — and it has the music to prove it. Located in Parkdale, Motel has amazing live music from some of Toronto’s best musicians, and if you’re a Winnipeg Jets fan, you can almost always catch a game here.


What to drink: Sussudio (The Botanist Gin, white port, spruce, green chartreuse, yuzu shu, western haskap bitters)

What to eat: Sweet pea gnocchi

This cocktail club and lounge is the perfect place to hit up if you’re kicking it in the King West  already. Located in an old, historic townhouse, Goldie’s interior was designed by Kayla Pongrac, an award winning designer, who, admittedly, we’ve never heard of but did a bang up job on all three stories of this place. It’s a little moody, really hip and super sleek. Like, Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, ya know?  In other words: it’s worth a peek.

Tennessee Tavern

What to drink: Pheasant’s Tears (Georgian orange wine)

What to eat: Perogies galore!

Head on over to Queen Street West for a taste of the Eastern European fruit belt, brandy style! Tennessee Tavern is light, spacious and not as tavern-like as the name suggests. It’s classy but playful — just the way we like it. These digs also offer a delicious Sunday brunch with one of the most inventive spreads we’ve ever seen. If your taste buds are up for something sumptuous and surprising (can you say Adjara Khachapuri? Seriously, cause we can’t), then head on over to the Tennessee Tavern.

Obviously, there are hundreds of other watering holes in Toronto, but if you’re looking for a solid place to begin (or continue) or foray into fermented juices, then these are some of the best bars in Toronto. Cheers, friends!