Who Will Be at Winter Craft Beer Fest 2020?

Get ready for this year’s Winter Craft Beer Fest at the Roundhouse. Here’s a few breweries you can expect to sample on February 1, 2020!

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January 24, 2020

Not even the line-up for Coachella is this highly anticipated. Well, not for craft beer lovers in Ontario anyway. Bust out your long-johns and toques, cause the 2020 Winter Craft Beer Fest is just around the corner! On Saturday, February 1, 2020 you get to experience the frothy creations of some of the finest Ontario craft brewers at the Roundhouse Park with friends, family and us Good Beer Folk!

If you’re like us and simply can’t wait to wet your whistle in your retro ski gear, here’s a little teaser preview of the Ontario craft brewers that will be there—or be square. Bundle up, fellow craft beer lovers. It’s time to get a little (okay, a lot) Canadian.

Here’s some of the craft beer you can expect to enjoy.

Steam Whistle

Yours truly will be in attendance for this annual and much anticipated event. It’s not just about having a reason to drink: you get to taste your favourite pilsner made of just four natural ingredients while gallivanting about in the best park in Toronto—okay, we’re a little biased. One of Canada’s largest independent breweries, we’re proud to be part of this beer fest among other fantastic Ontario craft brewers. After all, we’re not afraid of a little competition.

Von Bugle

Von Bugle is our little sister: a newer brew made with the same founding principles of Steam Whistle: adherence to the Bavarian Purity Act, clean, natural ingredients, a universally beloved smooth taste and origins in the fair city of Toronto. In other words, you best believe we’re heeding the call of this rich, dark beauty of a craft beer! Unlike many bitter dark brews, Von Bugle’s amber elixir is crisp and refreshingly gentle, with enticing hints of malty sweetness.

Full List of Breweries Attending Winter Craft Beer Fest 2020