steam whistle bottle & pint

Why Do We Date Code Our Beer?

Freshness is paramount to us at Steam Whistle Brewing. We take special care to make sure the beer you drink is always fresh & delicious.

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Since we brew an all-natural unpasteurized product that is best enjoyed within its 3 month life span, ensuring that the date code is clearly communicated to our customers is of the upmost importance. We monitor inventory in bars and stores to be sure it’s sold within three months from the date of production, giving you another month to enjoy our Pilsner at home.


Our Quality Assurance expert Colin Banting says:

“Beer does not spoil like some other food products, but can become stale over time, adversely affecting its delicious flavor. We want our customers to be aware of the date and time of every beer that comes off the packaging line so they can have the best experience possible.”

We print the date code on our beer boxes, on the shoulders of our bottles, near the bottom edge of our cans and now on the bottle caps to ensure that these codes are prominent.

To help keep our beer tasting brewery fresh, always store in a cool, dark place.

So remember… even when you’re feeling thirsty, make sure you check the date code firstly!