bailey from steam whistle

Why We Use Our Own Employees In Our Advertising

We always use our own employees in our promo pieces and our “beer girl” Bailey, is no different!

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Not to brag, but we truly do have a one of a kind team here at Steam Whistle. After all, an exceptional Pilsner calls for an exceptional team!

Bailey, Steam Whistle Distribution Coordinator

One of the unique things about Steam Whistle is that every promotion piece or advertisement you see or hear uses our own Good Beer Folks and employees. For example, our radio ads feature the voices of our co-founders and our new “beer girl” is no different. If you take a browse on our website, come across a tour voucher or other promotional material featuring this lady pouring a pint, you’ll see Bailey.

How did you get started at Steam Whistle?

At the time my good friend Trish was working with Steam Whistle’s Retail department. She kept raving about how much she loved going to work every day and the many functions she worked! Her positive attitude was infectious. I began attending various Steam Whistle parties over the next couple of months and everyone I met had the same outlook on their job. Needless to say, I was not only hooked on the beloved Pilsner Steam Whistle produced but also the work atmosphere. I applied the first chance I could and the rest is history…

What made you want to work for a brewery?

I always wanted to be the girl at the party with the awesome job! Landing a Brewery job was an added bonus because I now have the ability to bring life (beer) to the party also!

What is your role at Steam Whistle?

I work with our Distribution Department, mainly focusing on co-ordinating our Home Delivery program and Licensee/LCBO orders.

Favourite place to enjoy a Steam Whistle?

Honestly, I’d have to say the Roundhouse! Nothing is better than kicking my legs up and enjoying a tasty beverage with my co-workers at the end of our week!

Favourite part of working here?

I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the most interesting people who come to visit our Brewery every day. It’s the stories from our guests that keep me going and remind me of how rewarding it is to work for Steam Whistle.

Cheers Bailey! Come by our brewery – you’ll most likely see her enjoying a Pilsner right here at the Roundhouse.