engagement 2016

Working At Steam Whistle Brewing

When building their brewery, co-founders, Greg and Cam wanted Steam Whistle to be a place that visitors and staff alike would look forward to coming.

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There would be plenty of hard work involved in crafting a world-class Pilsner, but they also hoped that people would be happy at work in order to inspire passion and pride in the brewery employees.

steam whistle staff

How could anyone make a quality product without believing in what they were doing and giving it their all? So they adopted a work-hard–play-hard culture at Steam Whistle. From the day the first whistle blew, Steam Whistle’s founders created a place where dedication and focus are always paired with good fun, and where friendships are solidified by the singular purpose of making a Pilsner that Canadians can be proud of.

steam whistle staff

They assembled a tribe of Good Beer Folks who celebrate the reward at the end of an honest day’s work.

Where else do you find golf bags that double as draught units…

beer golf bag

Staff in costumes or partying together…

steam whistle staff

And co-founders that water ski

Or ride a beer bike around in the snow at their own winter craft beer festival?

At our brewery of course!  And this work-hard-play-hard mentality must be working, as evidenced by Cam & Greg’s success in the craft beer business.

Come by Steam Whistle and meet the people behind the beer.