The Steam Weaver: 1973 Dodge Tradesman

This 1973 Dodge Tradesman, kitted out with funky graphics, shag carpet, and velour upholstery is aptly named for the infamous 70's boogie van/disco era.

Aptly named for the infamous 70’s boogie van/disco era, this 1973 Dodge Tradesman has been kitted out with funky graphics, shag carpet, velour upholstery, pom-pom window fringe, a table and horseshoe bench which convert to a bed, and a high-powered stereo system. This ‘party-on-wheels’ is complete with draught taps on one side of the van for easy pouring. Currently stationed in Quebec, the Steam Weaver tours among our retail and licensed establishment customers.

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  • 5.9 liter V6 Engine
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Uni-frame platform lower cargo floor
  • 2 draught taps
  • side-sliding door
  • Horseshoe couch converts to bed

Posted on June 14 2023, By: Steam Whistle


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