Steam Whistle Home Delivery

For your next house party, backyard BBQ, birthday party, anniversary celebration or neighbourhood gathering enlist the help of Steam Whistle Home Delivery to make your party planning easy. Just give us a call and Steam Whistle Home Delivery will help bring the party to you!



24 pack (Bottles) $49.95
24 pack (355ml Cans) $53.95
24 pack (473ml Cans) $66.95


20 L keg (approx. 58 beers)
incl. $20 keg deposit
30 L keg (approx. 88 beers)
incl. $50 keg deposit
50 L keg (approx. 146 beers)
incl. $50 keg deposit)

All prices include tax.

What's Included

Steam Whistle Draught

  • Equipment setup and pick-up services
  • 1 x 12 kg bag of ice
  • Steam Whistle beer cups
  • Loan of draught equipment with tap handle

* All our kegs use a euro slide coupler.

Steam Whistle Bottles

  • Equipment setup and pick-up services
  • 1 x 12 kg bag of ice
  • Steam Whistle bottle opener
  • Loan of bottle trough

Service fee = $49.95 in Toronto - $59.95 GTA

To place your home delivery order, call:
416-362-BEER (2337) ext 403

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Flash Cooler Troubleshooting

Flash coolers help keep fresh draught cold. If you’re using a flash cooler as part of your Steam Whistle home delivery, this video is a great way to trouble-shoot any issues about the setup and use of flash coolers. Happy pouring!

Delivery Area

Steam Whistle delivery is available to these areas 7 days a week, from 10am-5pm.

Got a question about beer delivery for your home or event? Get in touch with the Good Beer Folks!