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December 26, 2018

Be the Host with the Most

Party tips to bid adieu to 2018 and welcome in 2019

TORONTO, Ont. (December 26, 2018) — A New Year’s Eve party isn’t like any other occasion. 

At a point on the calendar that marks a new start and fresh beginnings, it is also a party that tends to be a little more elegant and fancy than your run of the mill gathering. So if you are going through the effort of pulling together a soiree, you may as well do it right. 

“Details matter when hosting a party, so take care of the small things and the large things will fall into place,” says Tim McLaughlin, Vice-President of Marketing at Steam Whistle Brewing. “With a little more thought than what kinds of snacks you will put out will make for a better, more memorable experience for everybody.”

Tim offers the following pointers for pulling together a great New Year’s party: 

Drinking vessels matter. You wouldn’t serve wine in a coffee mug, so put some thought into the glassware you have on hand related to what you are serving your guests. The size and shape of a glass has a significant influence on the experience of the beverage contained within. Steam Whistle recently partnered with world-renowned glassware maker Riedel to craft the perfect glass for enjoying one of their classic pilsners. It has the slender look of a traditional pilsner, but is shorter with a stout base that helps funnel the aromas of Steam Whistle before experiencing the flavours.

Be a pro bartender. How you pour a drink matters. If it is champagne at midnight, place the glass on a flat table and pour an inch or so of bubbly into each glass. Once the bubbles subside, top each of them up. Likewise, there is a right way and a wrong way to pour a beer. It is a bit of myth that you want to minimize the foam in the glass, but this is not entirely true. A bit of foam helps release flavours and will make your beer easier to drink. To pour properly, hold the glass at a 45-degree angle and pour vigorously from the can or bottle, gradually straightening out the glass as the beer swirls around. This will produce a good head of foam that will ultimately turn into beer.

Pair the menu to the drinks. Food pairings aren’t just for wine. Think about the food you are serving as a match to the beer being poured. With a classic pilsner like Steam Whistle, consider a cheese plate that features some nice old cheddars, Buffalo-style chicken wings, spicy burritos with cilantro (a beautiful match for the floral aromas of the Czech hops) or whip up some traditional German-style bratwurst for a German-style beer.

Plan ahead. Everybody wants to have a good time on New Year’s, so plan ahead for your guests. Whether that is ensuring there is space for people to sleep over, providing funds for a cab or a designated driver, it is your responsibility as host to ensure people do not drink and drive.

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About Steam Whistle Brewing:

Steam Whistle Brewing remains true to the old-world method of brewing pilsner. Its Czech Brewmaster ensures each batch is crafted flawlessly following the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516 to craft a pilsner that is true to what pilsner should be: crisp, golden and well-balanced. One of Canada’s leading independent craft breweries, Steam Whistle is made with only four ingredients and no additives or preservatives. Steam Whistle’s Bohemian-style pilsner is characterized by a floral hoppy aroma, a sweet, full malty character that is balanced by a pleasant bitterness and a clean, crisp finish.