How To Dress For The Winter Craft Beer Festival

Our Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival is one of the most uniquely Canadian beer fests of the season.

On March 4th, thousands of craft beverage-loving folks will descend to our backyard in Roundhouse Park to celebrate what makes Canadians unique. Great beer, food and a sunny disposition despite the temperatures. How prepared you are for RHCBF (clothing-wise) will directly impact how awesome of a time you have. Here’s our guide on how to dress for winter craft beer fest success!

Base Layers

A base layer made of natural fibres will help insulate your body and wick away sweat if you find yourself participating in a dance party or one of the many games running onsite (Giant Jenga and Tug of War to name a few).

Shell Layer

A shell will keep you protected from any snow, wind, sleet, lightning or hail (since Canadians should be prepared for anything). A windproof shell will keep all that nastiness at bay and create a beer-proof barrier, should you take on the aforementioned dance floor


Your top layer will show your personality - the louder the better!

We'll also be awarding prizes for best retro-ski wear throughout the day, so dress to impress! If your parents don't have any embarrassing ski wear lying around, you can typically find something out of The Body Break wardrobe archives or various second-hand stores (the further outside of Toronto the better).

Eye Wear

This will be what makes your retro look pop. Ski goggles or mirrored wrap-around sunglasses will give you added protection and pump your outfit up a notch.


Warm gloves are a must at our Winter craft beer fest. When you are choosing gloves, think about wearing a liner as well so your paws will be protected whether you're fishing for your tokens or holding your beer without losing dexterity.

We also recommend looking for gloves that are touch screen compatible like these ones from MEC so you can keep the gram up to date.

Fanny Pack

Keep your tokens, phone and other craft beer fest essentials within reach in the most eganomic and retro way possible... a fanny pack.

There you have a few wardrobe basics for craft beer fest newbs; we can't wait to see everyone at Roundhouse park!


Posted on January 20 2015, By: Steam Whistle


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