How To Set Up Your Own Draught Fridge

A home keg refrigerator is a necessity for a beer lover who takes his golden nectar seriously.

If you don't already know, Steam Whistle can deliver beer right to your door dropping off and picking up all the required equipment.

The regular customers also often have their own units set up. After all, there's nothing like having a pint in your own home bar.

Here are some tips from Bailey in distribution on how you can go about to set up your own home draught unit.

  • In Canada, Perfectpint and Draught Services have the best reputation and are able deliver and set up the units. Draught Services is a division of The Beer Store.
  • As for pricing, draught fridges for purchase range between $500 - $700 but you should research before purchasing. Keep in mind that although saving money is good, you shouldn't skimp out on essentials or cut corners with clumsy products or tools.
  • Not all fridges are universal and require the same set up. If you're going with a specific system, speak with the supplier to make sure they'll be able to service your system.
  • Line cleaning is a must. As an example, a line cleaning service from Perfectpint is $70.00 but Home Consumers can also purchase a Home Cleaning Kit for $150.00.
  • Home Consumers can also look into the option of "Chiller Boxes" if they're a weekend or once a month user. Similarly, modifying fridges is a cost effective option just purchase the fridge! Tools and equipment should be about $200 - $250 to do so.
  • How much power your draught fridge uses varies. If you are modifying an existing fridge, it will essentially use the same amount of power. If the customer is using a draught fridge or kegerator it all depends on how many times you expect to use the system over the course of a month. If you're a once a month type partier then you'll use less, and Home Consumers who expect to have a pint a night after work will obviously use a lot more power.
  • Generally, we recommend customers get smaller sized kegs (especially if you aren’t expected to finish it overnight). A lot of our Home Consumers enjoy having fresh beer and stick to 20L for their own fridges. This allows for plenty of rotation and consistently fresh beer.
  • Converting a mini fridge is complicated but can certainly be done with proper tools and equipment. It’s a cost effective option for the Home Consumer who would enjoy draught at home. This is the best option (price wise and storage wise) for customers. Don’t forget to do your research prior to converting any fridges and speak to the professionals about obtaining and purchasing only the best quality parts.


Posted on April 09 2013, By: Steam Whistle


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