New Year New (Beer) Resolutions

Rather than setting unattainable New Year's Resolutions, why not resolve to increase your craft beer knowledge in the new year!

Start off the New Year with some new beer resolutions!

Use Appropriate Glassware

No matter what your favorite beer, there's a corresponding glass that it should be served in. This website makes it easy to pair your brew with the best shaped glass to best enjoy it.

Go Green

Growlers have been growing in popularity and not just among home brewers. They are more economical and greener than picking up cases of beer and they're sure to be a topic of conversation at any party.

We sell growlers in our e-store and at the brewery where we also provide refills.

Take A Tour

Why not pay a visit to a few local breweries over the holidays it's a great opportunity to meet the people behind the beer, ask questions and taste some fresh-off-the-line suds.  

Know What You're Drinking One of the primary differences between a craft and a non-craft brewer is full transparency of ingredients and the brewing process. Did you know Food Canada allows 106 ingredients in beer? None of which are required by law to be labelled. We are proud to only use 4 all-natural ingredients, all of which can be found on our packaging.

Attend A Festival

The best place for you to start experimenting with craft beer is a beer festival. Here you can try as much or as little as you like and get the chance to meet the brewers behind your favorite beer. Luckily, the craft beer event of the season is around the corner. You can buy your tickets for the Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Fest here:

Go Local

It's an exciting time to be a craft beer fan in Canada. The burgeoning craft movement is developing every day and a movement we feel privileged to be a part of. No matter where you live there are craft brewers pushing the envelope and creating diverse opportunities for Canadians to drink local! 

Posted on December 21 2014, By: Steam Whistle


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