Steam Whistle Fan Hand Drawn Art

Brewery Co-founder Greg’s love of cars has been a life-long passion, so when Greg received an email from fan, Rob Taylor, with a hand drawing of one of our vintage...

Over the years as we added new cars into the fleet, we’d call on Rob to update the series. His drawings are now framed and hung on the tour route above the bottle filler and brought to life in a series of baseball-style cards.


Rob would surprise us from time to time with other illustrations, including one of the brewery’s water tower which we adopted into the design for the heavy cardboard hangtag attached to each of our metal bottle openers, free in 6 pack and 12 pack cases throughout the summer of 2016 (while quantities last!).


We’re proud that the encouragement from Greg reinvigorated Rob to start up his drawing career, which had slowed due to side effects of Parkinson’s disease. In the fall of 2015 when Performance in Motion magazine pitched the idea of featuring our fleet of vehicles, we suggested profiling Rob’s drawings of our fleet and other cars instead. The story provoked dozens of enthusiasts to get in touch with Rob to commission artworks of their private rides, and ultimately Rob decided to go back to school to learn digital drawing. 


Hats off to Rob for his incredible creative talents, and for persevering through the challenges of Parkinson’s. If you’d like to reach Rob, email:


To learn more about Steam Whistle’s Water Tower, and 2016 commemorative Water Tower bottle opener, visit our Retro Opener page.

Posted on May 03 2016, By: Steam Whistle


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